pod vaporizer pen delta 9 for thick oil with rechargeable insert battery


Inhaled activated without button

FDA recognized, no contaminants

User-friendly flat mouthpiece

Visible oil level windows

300mAh grade A battery with Type-C charge port

Fast ramp up, ultimate experience from beginning to end

Volume                      1.0ml
Coil Type Hcore® (Hcore Silo™)
Mouthpiece Style Flat
Mouthpiece Material PC
Tank Type         PCTG
Center Post SUS316L
Aperture Size 4 Air Inlets / 1.6mm
Airflow Bottom
Filling Method              Top Fill
Resistance 1.2ohm
Activation Draw/Puff Activated
Battery Capacity 300mAh
Battery Housing PC
Output Voltage 3.5V
Charge Port Type-C


Only small dia ceramic heating element solution could be applied in this case due to its elegant sleek super thin design. When the dia of ceramic heating elements is less than Ø 3.5mm, the performance of Hcore® is absolutely unbeatable!

Hcore® ceramic heating element integrated inside improves the bioavailability and delivery efficiency of cannabinoids active ingredients to an unprecedented level (thus highest satisfaction/approval scores in this category).

Cannabinoids concentrates are heated by sophisticated Advanced Precise Temperature Control (APTC™) mechanism of Hcore®, efficiently releasing active ingredients without toxic by-products.


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