Top Selling Ccell Ceramic Vape Cartridge 0.5ml 1ml Ccell Ceramic Mouth Tip Oil Cartridge


  • 510 threaded connection
  • Available in 0.5ml or 1.0ml capacity
  • 4.0V recommended output
  • 1.2ohm resistance
  • 1.0mm size oil intake
  • Tank made from glass
  • Ceramic style mouthpiece
  • Only 63mm tall
  • 0.5mm in diameter
  • 12g net weight


The ccell ceramic cartridge is your number 1 choice for vape cartridges.
Designed with a full ceramic coil, ceramic mouthpiece and a pyrex glass body which, as a result, ensures a true hit.
Using a ceramic coil makes these perfect for thick oils in addition to other e-liquids and also gives the user a pure taste.
Each vape cartridge is designed with precision using only the highest quality materials.
The 510 thread makes this accessible to most slim line thick oil vape batteries/mods.
Available in either 0.5ml or 1ml sizes each cartridge comes complete in their own individual plastic protective tubes.
Each one lazer engraved and packaged in a plastic tube.
To sum up, in short, this is a great all round cartridge which, above all, will not disappoint.
These carts are not filled and are intended for private use only.


  • Similar Ccell ceramic coil technology
  • No leakage and great vapor production
  • Packaged individually in a plastic tube
  • Screw down ceramic mouthpiece
  • Compatible with other 510 batteries

Usage Tips:

    • First of all, fill the cartridge and leave for around 15 minutes.
    • After that, ensure the airway is clean as well as free from dirt and liquid prior to use.
    • Only use the cartridge with low powered batteries and mini mods.
    • Most importantly, and above all, please enjoy your product.


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