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Jeeter Juice

BREEZE Chill Disposables

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Dimensions: Φ10.5 × 76.4H (mm)

Stainless Steel Housing

Standard 510 Thread

Inhale Activated

Built-In LED Indicator


Custom logo disposable vape pod device

D8 pod vaporizer with 2ml

D9 pod vaporizer 1ml 2ml 3ml 4.0ml

3-in-1 vaporizer 1ml


Pack Man



Packwoods x Runtz


Jeeter Juice



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HD6 2.0ml

HD3 1.0ml/0.5ml

HD2 1.0ml/0.5ml

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Tips for Choosing the Best Vape Pen

Looking for a new vape pen? The best vape pen is the one that fits your oil and it’s define your brand. But finding out whether a vape pen is work for your oil is not easy.

air-flow hole size is very important feature it is designed for different thickness oil, voltage and heating element also key point when you are looking for a new vape. 

A good vape pen should also last a long time with little maintenance and hassle.  Vnice offer high quality products as we use high quality raw material and quality test 100%.

About the company

Vnice -Established in 2013, is the leading manufacturer of high-performance vape products designed for cannabis oil, Vnice’s sole focus and abiding passion are to create better vape products for you. When you choose to buy from us, you are not just buying a hardware, you are buying a team and partnership.

Vnice Company

Perfection without Limits

With this strong backbone, VNICE leads the industry with advanced R&D resources, strong production capability, and reliable quality control systems. This has enabled VNICE to successfully upgrade the industry standard of atomization technology while others try to follow.We Supply All The Cartridge And Disposable Vape Pen Differernt Versions For Delta 8 9 10 THC And THCO HHC THCP HHCP HHCO Oils

With the continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, VNICE has become one of the world‘s largest vaporizer suppliers in just five short years since its establishment in 2016. VNICE’s parent company YG is the most renowned world-class vaping device provider whom revolutionized the industry by introducing the world’s first ceramic heating component. VNICEowns multiple independent research institutes and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Vnice factory

Supported by world-class research institutes, high-standard manufacturing, and an excellent service team, VNICE strives to meet customer needs by providing excellent atomization hardwares as well as a first-class partnership experience.


Through continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, VNICE has grown to become one of the world's largest vaporizer suppliers. We've built and gained solid trust from our business partners around the globe.


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