0.5ml 1ml 2ml Adjustable Voltage Preheat Disposable Vape Pen (Empty)


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SPECIFICATIONS of model HD2 best disposable vape pen, OEM disposable vapes brands service

Dimension: 12.2*24.1*102.2mm

Tank Capacity: 2.0ml/1.0ml/0.5ml

Tank Material: PC/

Finishing: Rubber Paint

Central Post: Wick Free

Airflow: Single Airflow

Heating Element: Ceramic coil

Resistance: 1.7ohm

Voltage: Variable 3.0V/ 3.3V/ 3.6V

Battery Capacity: 380mAh

Activation: Autodraw

Turn On/Off: Press the button 5 seconds to turn on/off the device

LED Indicator: Three-Color (Green, Blue, Red)

Charging Port: Rechargeable with Type-C charging port at the bottom

Preheat: Yes (1.4V), press the button twice to start the preheat process for 15 seconds

Variable Voltage Output

With three voltage settings of 3.0V, 3.3V, and 3.6V, you may adjust the flavor and intensity of your vaping experience. While the higher voltage option gives a more strong taste with thicker clouds, the lesser voltage alternatives deliver a smoother impact with more subdued flavors.

Voltage Indicator Light Operation
3.0V Green Press the button 3 times
3.3V Blue Press the button 3 times
3.6V Red Press the button 3 times


Q: Why choose our postless vape pen?
R: The postless tank will make your oils taste better.
Q: Do you accept OEM/ODM disposable vape brands customized?
R: Yes, welcome to make your brands’ customized products.
Q: When can I get my order after we make payment?
R: For regular products, it normally takes about 5~7 working days. For OEM products, it takes about 20~25 days

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