1.0ml/0.8ml Clear Yellow Tip CCL Type CBD Cartridge Vape Pen with Flat Plastic Mouthpiece (100 qty.)

Oil Capacity – 1.0ml/0.8ml Aperture Size – 2.0mm Body Color – Silver/Stainless Steel Mouthpiece – Clear Yellow Flat Plastic Drip Tip Coil – Full Pure Ceramic 1.0ml/0.8ml Clear Yellow Plastic Mouthpiece CCL Cartridges Wholesale USA 100 pieces and MORE No Leaking, No Burning Taste

We’re a local CBD cartridges supplier in California, we do CCL cartridges wholesale USA in large quantities with plastic mouthpiece of new designed colored clear drip tips. And also we supply only high quality CCL vape cartridges by wholesale, large quantities are in stock. What’s more, 5-Stars customer service is our growth engine in CBD vape industry in long-term.

Check below detail info. of the CCL cartridges wholesale USA and also it’s a 1ml capactiy with clear yellow plastic mouthpiece cartridge.

This CBD vape cartridge is designed for both low & high viscosity CBD/THC oil. It consists of creative revolutionary ceramic heating elements which can produce the purest taste and smooth throat hits. It’s also a CBD cartridge that fits for variety color choices of clear plastic mouthpieces, flat and round. You can also buy different colors of clear mouthpieces separately in category of Accessory.

Specs & Features:
Top Silicone Seal and Cotton Wrapped Coil – NO leaking
Material: Plastic, stainless steel – Other colored clear mouthpieces optional
Tank Capacity:1.0ml
Dimension: Φ10.5×67.8(mm)
Color: Silver body + Clear plastic tank and clear yellow drip tip
And also other colored clear plastic mouthpieces are in stock, flat and round styles optional
Resistance:1.25-1.45 ohm
Mouthpiece Type: Flat, non screw – Round type clear yellow tip also available
Housing Material: Eng. Thermoplastic
Aperture Diameter: 2.0mm – Optimized for high viscosity concentrates
Coil Type: Full Pure Ceramic – New technology of heating elements producing full and pure taste
Threading: Standard 510, bottom airflow, no leak design

Fill the tank from top at a 45 degree angle
Cap the CBD cartridge well once filling finished
An arbor press or similar tools are required for this vape cartridge to seal the mouthpiece to the base after filling

Please call for discounts if you purchase CCL cartridges wholesale usa if larger quantities
☆Contact us for customized OEM/ODM service, we help put your logo on products and packagings☆
☆Contact us if you need oil filling service because we have the machine to fill your empty CBD cartridges☆



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