1ml Disposable Empty CBD Vape Pen Wholesale vape


Dimensions: 20.5mm*12mm*115mm

Heating Coil: Ceramic Coil 1.2ohms

Volume: 1ml

Battery: A Grade Lithium-ion 350mah

Colors: Customization Available

Oil Holes: 4*1.8mm

Preheating Voltage: 2.0v

Three Levels Of Adjustable Voltage: (Green Light 2.5v/Blue Light 3.0v/Red LIght 3.5v)

Charging: Type-C Port

New popular 1ml vape pen is a new trend . We supply not only competitive price but aslo supper service for customers besides our high quality vape products. The promotion poster and packaging design can be offer for customer. We wholesale not only CBD Cartridges, but also CBD Vape Pens, Accessories, and Packagings.




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