Cartridge Packaging Custom / Disposable Vape Pen Packaging Various Styles for Choice

Cartridge Packaging Custom and Custom Disposable Pens Packaging
The template (Die Line) can be sent to you to start designing
If you need help of our designing service, please let us know

Any boxes or bags for disposable vape pens, cartridges, or batteries etc are available
If you find a box on the internet and you want to do the same, just send us a picture, we can make it for you!

2000pcs, the more the cheaper.
Turn Around Time:
7 days

Ordering Process:
1. Let us know the quantity of the packaging you want
2. Confirm a packaging type
3. We quote you the price for bulk purchasing
4. Price agreed, we send you a template (Die Line) for designing
5. Confirm design and final price including the shipping cost
6. Payment made
7. Start to make a sample of the packaging
8. Confirm sample and start to make bulk production
9. Ship your order
10. You receive the shipment of your order

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As a China Factory Based leading supplier of empty disposable vape pens and cartridges in this market, we can help build and customize your brand, cartridge packaging custom and custom disposable pens packaging is one of our main businesses in this vape industry.

We’ve provided OEM/ODM service for thousands of our clients, you could be one of them as a white label client too. Today, please feel free to ask us to design and manufacture for you. What’s more, we offer not only quality variable styles of disposable vapes but also competitive prices by wholesale, you’re buying from the factory direct, which allows you to enjoy both fast shipping and a warranty guarantee. Along with a large number of clients, we meet all of their demands including custom packaging. So just don’t hesitate to contact us to check how to start with a packaging design and manufacturing. Please remember that 5-Stars customer service is our growth engine in the vape industry in the long term. So feel free to start cooperating with us.

Description of this product:
CBD INSTOCK, as a leading manufacturer of nicotine disposable vapes, empty disposable vape pens for D8/THC/CBD/THCO/HHC, and batteries, we provide cartridge packaging custom and custom disposable pens packaging for all of our valued clients. If you want to build your own brand and would like to get a fancy box/packaging for your products, we’re the one who can work that out professionally.

Cartridge boxes or disposable pens boxes are various, we got tons of templates for you to start a design, and all crafts could be done for any packaging you like.

Cartridge packaging custom and custom disposable pens packaging is what we’re good at, and we not only have different options for you but also provide a template of any kind of box that you want to do, just send us a picture of the packaging you want, we can make and draw the template (Die Line) for you to start designing.

No matter whether you’re looking for packaging for disposable vapes, vape cartridges, vape batteries and etc, we can meet all your demand for any kind of cartridge packaging custom.

More Packaging Style Options:

cartridge packaging custom


Specs & Features:
Any kind of paper
Any kind of artwork
Any kind of craft
Gold Printing
Silk Printing
Plastic or Silicon Hook
Any box type
Any color and design
We provide the best quality cartridge packaging custom and custom disposable pens packaging that you’ve been desiring.

If you’re a brand owner, Please contact us for Private/White label service and customized packaging and stickers.
Large quantity purchaser could enjoy the wholesale discount, just enquire us if needed.

We can provide white label and customized packaging service for any vape product,  if you’re a brand owner and you want to have your own white label products, please contact us for OEM service.

Please e-mail us for discounts on cartridge packaging custom and custom disposable pens packaging order if larger quantities
☆Contact us for customized OEM/ODM service, we help put your logo on products and packaging☆
☆Contact us if you need to customize the juice flavors of your own.



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