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Cookies Dual Chamber 1g 2g Disposable Vape


Cookies Dual Chambers disposable vape (empty)

Capacity: 0.5g+0.5g/1.0g+1.0g</p>

Pack: empty vape pen+ packages(10 flavors)

Cookies Distillate Dual Chamber Cartridge Disposable Vape

Cookies Vape Pen Disposables Dual Tanks Vapes pack the power of two iconic strains into one device.

Switch strains with one click for the perfect hit for the first time. Or smoke them both at the same time.

Built with two tanks, each filled with 0.5g of live rosin and equipped with two atomizers. Cookies Disposables Dual Chamber Vapes delivers a true dual-strain experience.

Flavors: 10 flavors

Capacity: 0.5ml+0.5ml/1.0ml+1.0ml

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How does the Cookies Dual Chamber Vape work?

Inhale to activate your Cookies Dual Chamber Disposable Vapes. Press the button on the bottom to switch between strains. One strain is indicated by a red light, the other by a blue light. An indicator will flash if your vape’s battery is depleted. Plug it into any USB-C charging port to recharge.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

cookies vape pen

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