Dank Gummies Mylar Bags , Ziplock Weed Candy Bags with Window, Custom Smell Proof Mylar Bags

OEM (White Label) Service Available for this item
Material: Plastic 
57.7 gram
153 x 100mm
Orange, Blue or Any other customized color
All colors available, more are coming
Smell proof and child proof

As a China Factory Based leading supplier of  dank gummies mylar bags in this market, we can provide white label service and help build and customize your own brand. Or you can wholesale from us all series (different styles) of our mylar bag of 1/8th, 1/4th, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, and pound bags.

We’ve provided OEM/ODM service for thousands of our clients, you could be one of them as a white label client too. Today, please feel free to ask us to design and manufacture for you. What’s more, we offer not only quality variable styles of dank gummies mylar bags but also competitive prices by wholesale, you’re buying from factory direct, which allows you to enjoy both fast shipping and warranty guarantee. Besides OEM service, some of the most popular brands of dank gummies mylar bags are largely in stock in our China factory or CA. So just don’t hesitate to contact us to check whether your required brands of products are in stock, and what flavor options available. Please remember 5-Stars customer service is our growth engine in the package  in the long-term. So feel free to start cooperating with us.

This model is one of the most popular ones in the market that clients like to ask for customization, we can help build your own brand, put your logo on this product, and produce customized packagings for this item. We’re good at OEM service because we’re professional manufacture in the packaging industry for over 10 years.

Specs & Features:
Dank Gummies mylar bags for wholesale
Material: Plastic
Size: 154 x 100mm
Color: Green, Blue,Red,Purple
Flavor: All Colors available, more is coming
Function: Smell proof and child proof

We have all designs and flavors for this cookies series mylar bag, if you can’t find specific design from these pictures, send us image to confirm we can supply, and we always can;
Custom printing service is always available, MOQ for that is 10K pieces each design.

Please Contact for discounts if you purchase in large quantity
☆Contact us for customized OEM/ODM service, we help put your logo on products and customized packagings☆
☆Contact us if you need disposable vapes for nic-salt☆



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