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Factory Wholesale Cookies Dual Chamber 2g Disposable Vape Two in One Pen


Product Name : Cookies Dual Chamber Vapes, Disposable Vapes
Display : Without Display
Coil : Ceramic
Resistance : 1.3 ohm
Tank Capacity : 1.0 ml + 1.0 ml
Hole Size : 2*1.8 mm  (Customize)
Nicotine Concentration : Zero
Fully Charged Time : 30 Minutes
Battery capacity : 280 mAh

Factory Wholesale cookies 1g dispsoable vape Two in One Pen

cookies disposable vape  1g or 2g the power of two iconic strains into one device. Switch strains with one click for the perfect hit or smoke them both at the same time.

Built with two tanks, each filled with 0.5g of cured rosin and equipped with two atomizers, Cookies Dual Chamber Vapes deliver a true dual-strain experience.

Why cookies 1g dispsoable vape are Better?

This Vnice disposable vape pen uses a privately patented ceramic coil which has below advantages:
1. More heating surface area;
2. Higher vaporizing efficiency;
3. Consistent rich and original taste;
4. Optimum vaping experience;
5. Unique degreasing and sintering process;
6. 1000℃ high-temperature sintering;
7. Heavy-metal free, 100%

Dual Chamber Vape pod 2G Specification

Pen Capacity: 1ml/2ml

Battery: 380mAh

Resistance: 1.4ohms

Rechargeable: Yes

Flavour/Strain: Selected at random/mixed flavours (subject to availability).

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