Fryd Extracts 2 Gram Liquid Diamond E-Cigarettes 10 Flavors Fryd Disposable Vape Pen


Product name :FRYD empty vape Cartridge



Packaging:Gift box

Weight for mod:1000pcs/carton

Weight for Mouthpiece1800pcs/carton

Product name  FRYD empty vape
Cartridge capacity 2ml
Battery Rechargeable
Packaging Gift box
Weight for mod 1000pcs/carton
Weight for Mouthpiece 1800pcs/carton
10 Colors(Flavors) 1. Wild Baja Blast
2. Pink Guava Gelato
3. Purple Pop Rocks
4. Tropical Runtz Punch
5. Pink Starburst
6. Lemonberry Tartz
7. Watermelon Gushers
8. Blueberry Zlushie
9. Berry Zkittles
10. Strawberry Lemoncello
OEM & ODM support Logo printing, flavors customized, designing, full solutions
Samples Available
Certificate CE,ROSH

Fryd disposable Vape is a perfect product for smokers. Its unique design, great quality and simple operation can attract many people’s attention. It features a sleek stainless steel body with a 1.2mL tank, which makes it convenient to carry and use.

Fryd disposable mainly consists of e-liquid and heating element. Its disposable nature makes it a great choice for the casual vaper, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of vaping without needing to go through too much hassle.

Fryd disposable vape is a new portable oil vaporizer that can be used with cannabis and tobacco. As the rechargeable battery of the fryd has a higher capacity, it lasts longer and produces more smoke than other common vape pens. With Fyrd disposable you will enjoy smoking for a long time and in any place discreetly.



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