Custom Empty 1ml Disposable Vape 280mAh Rechargeable Thick Oil Vape Pen


1ml Disposable Pen Features:

  • portable size
  • rechargeable usb port
  • Aperture: 4*1.8mm
  • Resistance: 1.2ohm
  • with window

How does an automatic vape pen work?

there’s a switch inside the battery that once you inhale, a sensor activates which in turn heats the heating element producing thick and tasty vapor. From the time you place your lips on the mouthpiece till the vapor enters your lungs is literally instantaneous.


1ML disposable Vape pen Specification
Model Name: D8 disposable vape pen 1ml
Size: 100*20*10.5 mm (L*W*H)
Capacity: 1ml
Battery Power: 350 mah
Ceramic Coil: 1.2 ohm
Oil hole size: 4*1.8 mm
Filling way: Top filling
Filling way: 3.7V
Material: Battery shell Aluminum, Oil tank PCTG
Color: Black, white,or customized

vape pen feature:

1.The 1ml disposable vape pen D9 with ceramic coil 0.5 gram  /1 gram and this disposable vape pen is empty for hemp extracts oil.

2.1ml disposable vape pen has a rechargeable micro charging port. So the customers never worry about wasting oil in the pod.

3.Ceramic core, no leaking, no spitting, no burning, and pure taste, and the best vape pen for thick oil.

4.Thick silicone ring for protection, anti-leakage upgrade, and can ensure customer enjoy vaping thick oil

1ml vape pen

D8 1ml vape pen is secure and stable.
Automatic smoking
Mini Size. Highly Portable.
Only glass, silicon & coil touch with oil No heavy metal.
But it’s a High quality Disposable vape pen with ceramic coil .
Quality and safe vape battery.
320mAh charging time < 90mins.

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Because vape Packaging for 50pcs / Box,we have individual box or bags customized for customers.


vape pen packaging


Our Company

Shenzhen Vnice Technology Co., Ltd located in Shenzhen, is a high-tech specializing in CBD/THC/HHC vape tech research and products. And Vnice’s business covers CBD/THC/HHC vape devices and machines.

With years of development, Vnice has been staying focused on continuous R&D and innovation. So Vnice has successfully developed an international business line with R&D and a manufacturing center located in Shenzhen, with services all over the world.

Our company vision is to establish a measurable difference from our competition,so we measure our success from our customer satisfaction. However,Working with us, your business is guaranteed.




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