Lead Free Vape Cartridges Bottom Intake Holes with Press Type Mouthpiece 1.0ml/0.5ml

White Label / Private Label Service Available, MOQ 3000pcs
Materials – Lead-free
Intake Holes – Bottom Intake Holes
Mouthpiece Type – Press Type
Bottom Cap  – Metal Screw Cover for better sealing and Anti-Leaking
Oil Capacity
 – 1.0ml/0.5ml
Aperture Size – 5*1.4mm at bottom of the tank
Mouthpiece Color – Black, Clear
Resistance – 1.3ohm
Mouthpiece Shape – Flat (POM Material)
Coil – Full Pure Ceramic
1.0ml/0.5ml Press Type Mouthpiece Bottom Intake Holes Empty Lead Free Cartridges Wholesale
No Leaking, No Burning Taste

As a local supplier (China Factory Based) of the vape industry in California, you can wholesale lead free cartridges as the trended style in the future market. And we provide OEM/ODM service for thousands of our clients, you could be one of them as a white label client. We do not only high-quality lead free cartridges but also competitive prices by bulk order, some other popular cartridges are largely in stock in CA. What’s more, 5-Stars customer service is our growth engine in the CBD vape industry in the long-term. We wholesale not only CBD Cartridges, but also Disposable Vape Pens, Batteries, and Custom Packagings.

Check below for detailed info. before you purchase this lead free cartridge wholesale:

This vape cartridge is uniquely designed for a complete solution of an automatic filling machine.

Featured with bottom intake holes and a Press-type POM material mouthpiece,  press in and locking design, you can save a lot of human power by just capping the tank after filling, the press-type mouthpiece design makes it so easy that you can press them into the tank easily and fast, and it’s locked well once the mouthpiece pressed in. And there is also a metal bottom screw cover that makes it possible it keeps its leaking rate close to zero.

What’s more, these lead free cartridges are totally heavy metal-free, along with the lead-free copper material stem and medical-grade glass tank housing, making sure the purest original taste of concentrates. And also The 5*1.4mm intake holes at the tank bottom make it perfect for both thick/thin oil, which will also help run out of all oil inside, no any waste. And the clean metal material makes this cartridge passed the CA heavy metal test, which is a great future cartridge achieving plenty of vapor without any burning taste as well.

This lead free cartridge also uses revolutionary ceramic heating elements with the newest formula and honeycomb structure, which can produce the purest taste and smooth throat hits with plenty of tasty vapor. As a result, it would be the best seller in future vape cartridges made of lead-free material, bringing you the greatest vaping experience and effects of CBD/THC/Delta 8.

Specs & Features:
Intake Holes:  5*1.4mm at bottom of the tank, perfect for both thick and thin oil, 100% running out of all oil, no waste
Mouthpiece – Press Type
Material: Lead-free Metal Stem, POM Mouthpiece, Glass Tank
Tank Capacity:1.0ml/0.5ml
Dimension: Φ10.5×60mm / Φ10.5×50mm
Mouthpiece Color: Clear, Black
Resistance: 1.3 ohm
Mouthpiece Type: Flat (Custom Shape available, MOQ 10,000 pieces)
Housing Material: Glass
Thread Type: Standard 510 (with metal screw-type bottom cover, not cheap silicon)
Product Name: LFC03 Lead Free Cartridges

Please contact us for Private/White label service and custom packaging
Coil Type: Pure Solid Ceramic Rod – New technology and formula of heating elements producing full, smooth, and pure taste

We can provide white label and customized packagings service for this product,  please contact us for OEM service
Fill the tank from the top at a 45-degree angle
Immediately cap the vape cartridge well once filling finished to avoid leaking

Please call for discounts on Lead Free Cartridges Wholesale order if larger quantities
☆Contact us for custom OEM/ODM service, we help put your logo on products and packagings☆
☆Contact us if you need an oil filling machine solution because we have the machine to fill this special cartridge and it’s totally automatic☆



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