Popular CBD Delta8 Oil THC Filling Machine for E Cigarette Cartridge, Disposable Vape Pen Pod Device



1.Fit for all top filling cartridge, vape pen, pod device,etc.
2.Itselt with heating system , can easy to change madule to filling carts.
3.Injection deviation: 0.01ml
4.Fast filling: 1500pcs per hour
5.Touch screen.
6.For 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0ml/2ml
7.Easy to operation and small size: Easy for you to use it in the office or at home.


Working Type Top Filling machine for CBD carts and pen
Working Size(L*W*H) L44*W28*H44CM
Exterior dimension L64*W37**H55CM
Operation System English Tech pendant
Machine Net Weight 27KG(with Quakeproof packaging for electromechanical products )


As a China Factory Based leading supplier of vapes and cartridges in this market, we can help build and customize your brand, filling machine is one of our main businesses in this vape industry. What’s more, 5-Stars customer service is our growth engine in CBD vape industry in long-term. We wholesale not only filling machine, but also CBD Vape Pens, CBD Cartridges,  Accessories, and Packagings.

Using an automatic or semi-automatic vaping or cannabis oil filling machine (or filling line) can provide many advantages to your business. These include higher levels of precision and less opportunity for human filling errors, greater consistency of fill, less costly product wastage, improved speeds and more. Purchasing the right filling equipment for your vaping oils is therefore essential for ensuring that your operations are optimised in a timely and profitable manner.

Features No need air compressor, all electric, portable
Heating equipment 2 units, one is for oil vessel, the other is for oil pipe and filler needle
Filling speed 10 levels adjustable
Filling capacity 0.5ml -2ml
Injection deviation 0.01ml
Operation system English Tech Pendant; Touch Screen
Size 440mm*440mm*280mm
Packaging Carton with foam for machine
Cleaning method 1) using alcohol in the vessel;

2) let machine run 15 mins of auto-washing, and suck out all the alcohol; clening finished.

Please call for more details of CBD Delta8 Oil THC Filling Machine wholesale order.  



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