What is Live Rosin? What is benefits of it? What vaporizer best for Live Rosin

What is Live Rosin?

Live rosin is becoming an increasingly popular concentrate and one that many dispensaries are beginning to feature on their shelves.

Live rosin is a solventless hash oil concentrate that is made in a completely different process than traditional butane hash oils. When cannabis products are frozen after harvest they are considered to be “live”, however, live rosin is in a league of its own.

Live Rosin is made by taking fresh frozen cannabis and agitating it in an ice water bath. The trichome heads are then collected in a series of micron screen bags, separated, and put through a freezing and drying process. The end product of this process is called bubble hash. The Bubble Hash is then pressed with minimal heat and pressure through another filter bag to make the terpene and cannabinoid-rich live rosin. The purity of this process is truly what separates live rosin from other concentrate types, and the end result clearly highlights the benefits of solventless extractions compared to traditional butane extraction methods.

Benefits of Live Rosin

Compared to traditional butane hash oils, pressing live rosin offers a number of attractive benefits that will entice connoisseurs to give live rosin a proper test drive:

  • No solvents. Live rosin doesn’t contain any of the solvents used in BHO products. It is presented in its completely natural form.
  • Natural properties. The initial freezing and process of pressing live rosin protects the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes without any damage.
  • Unaltered. Live rosin is the closest representation of the plant in cannabis concentrate form that is available on the market today.
  • Medical value. Due to the natural method of production, the medicinal quality of live rosin is higher than other forms of cannabis concentrates.
  • Artisanal craftsmanship. Live rosin isn’t mass-produced – it is handcrafted by passionate artisans who respect the process and focus on quality over quantity.
  • Easier dabbing. Live rosin has a lower melting point which makes it an ideal choice for dabbing.
  • Available. Just because it isn’t mass-produced doesn’t mean that you can’t access it!

What Vaporizers Are Best For Live Rosin?

Live rosin vaporizers are extremely popular since 2022. While there have been consistent innovations since the start of vaping, being able to handle thicker concentrates and oils has been the focal point for many vaporizer designers. With the industry now in full fledge and disposable vaporizers dominating a large chunk of the market, there are so many varieties and brands to choose from. This is a guide to the best vaporizers for live rosin.

The Best Vaporizer For Live Rosin.

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